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Том 7. 30 марта 1966
25.02.2023, 14:01



(La conversation suivante est venue en écoutant la traduction anglaise de la Conversation du 4 mars où Mère disait notamment: «Ce n'est plus qu'un choix: on choisit que ce soit comme cela ou comme cela...»)

The same Consciousness as this consciousness I had in what you can call the «material mental» (that is, the collective consciousness of the cells), but this morning it was in the cells themselves, this Consciousness, the same Consciousness. And it was truly miraculous. With the impression that THAT there [in the cells] there is nothing impossible.

It comes, it stays inspite of everything, whatever I do, even if I speak, and it goes. And when it has gone it is gone, I can make an effort, it does not come back. But so long as it is there, it is all-powerful, it dominates everything and... yes, the whole world seems to change. And yet everything is the same. You remember this sentence of Sri Aurobindo: «All was changed and yet everything was the same»? That is exactly that.

Et alors, ce n'est plus qu'un choix: on choisit que ce soit comme cela ou comme cela...

Oui, this same thing, this same experience in the cell-consciousness. What the human being calls «life» and «death», the continuation of this present organization or its cessation, it was absolutely a question of choice (something like a choice – there are some who say «the Divine's Will» or «the Supreme's Will»; it is a way of saying, but it is... it is something which chooses). And there was at the same time the exact... it was more than a feeling, it was a lived knowledge of what is the individual and in what way the Supreme becomes the individual and how it can continue to be the individual or stop to be the individual... Now that the experience is gone, naturally what I say has no meaning, but at that time it was the exact perception: the individual is that (geste) that position taken by the Supreme, and if its choice is to continue it continues.

It becomes quite material, you see, no more mental at all (it is very difficult to express because of that). It becomes a living experience of just what makes the individual and how this individual can remain individual although it is united perfectly, united in perfect consciousness with the Supreme.

It lasted about 15 to 20 minutes in complete stability and I continued doing my normal activities (it was during the time of my toilet – I wash my mouth and gargle) purposely it comes at that time to show that it is absolutely independent from the activity. And it comes more often at that time than when I sit in meditation. When I sit in meditation generally begins a kind of all-around-the-earth activity or even universal activity, it becomes conscious of that, but this body's experiences are not there – to have the body experience you must live in your body! It is why the ancient sages or saints did not know what to do with the body, because they went out of it and sat, and then the body is no more concerned. But when you remain active, then it is the body that has the experience.

That is the secret.



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